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High Water (Update 5-11-11)

High Water

The Army Corps of Engineers is facing a huge test as record high flood waters course down the Mississippi River towards the Gulf. As I’ve followed this story, I’ve learned about some of the man-made structures that have been engineered to keep the mighty Mississippi channeled. First, let’s take a look at the Mississippi in […]

Living on a Prayer

As I prepare to graduate in a month, I must admit that I’m not in the happiest of places. While some parts of New Orleans have been good for me (such as becoming a less inhibited dancer,) I never really fell in with any crowd here. During my first two years I attempted to host […]

Galleries Restored

After quite some time, I have gotten the photo galleries back online. A few albums have not yet been uploaded, and I still have caption/re-caption many of the photos. But, they’re back, and hopefully logically arranged. I have decided to use cooliris for the slideshow function, so please let me know if you like it.

(not) Taxing the Rich; Losing Our Way.

Big Tex, You posed an article by Robert Frank of the Wall St. Journal on my wall so I felt compelled to read it and respond thoroughly. Upon finishing my first read of the article, my mind was reeling attempting to harmonize its clever craftsmanship and highly disingenuous message; the WSJ is certainly getting its […]




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