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Being an (early) member of the Millennial generation, society at large knows that I require constant praise. As such, I found it fitting to receive, today, a little more hardware for my cabinet:

RMSL Softball Trophy

RMSL Softball Trophy

This goofy trophy represents a great team effort by the Ashmont Grill Lightning in this fall’s Rick Sylvia Memorial Softball League. I joined the league a week late in order to get out of the house and socialize a bit with some other men in the area. By chance, I was placed on one of the strongest teams. Although we were stymied by excessively rainy weather, we managed to see the season through to completion.

As a rusty newcomer, I was placed in right field, a position with which I was familiar from my little league days (Pittsburgh Pirates… ’nuff said). Out in right field I managed to look busy, miss a few fly balls, and learn who all the lefties were in the league. Thankfully I was a bit better at bat, and managed to contribute my fair share of runs.

When all the data was tabulated, lo and behold, the Ashmont Grill Lightning was victorious, beating out the Alley Cats and Club Cafe Blue Ballers (sorry pretty boys…). The league was great fun, with stiff competition and positive vibes, a welcome respite from club culture.

So when you see me at the gym in my green team t-shirt, feel free to praise me like you should.


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