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The Language of Crime

Life has been particularly engaging of late! I am taking on a lot of responsibilities at work and am learning the craft. I’ve also been fortunate to meet some amazing people recently; for it all, I am grateful. Occupy Boston may be gone, but I’m still paying attention. Recently, rouge micro-trading software from Knight Capital […]


I dumped my Netflix streaming a while ago (went to DVD only) and got Amazon Prime streaming around the same time. One of the shows Amazon was featuring was the classic Hawaii Five-0. This gem, which aired from the late sixties up until 1980, was a favorite of my late grandmother’s. Through osmosis (annual summer […]


These days I take the bus to go shopping. Today, the bus I was sitting on did not leave Maverick after it seemed that everyone had loaded on. Turns out, a man in a wheelchair needed to be loaded via the use of a special ramp that folds out from the floor of the bus. […]


It has been a few months since I’ve moved into my own apartment in East Boston. I’ve been pretty busy trying to furnish the place tastefully and develop a routine. While I finally feel like I have a place to call my own, I still don’t know very many people in my neighborhood. So I […]




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